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A stack of planks of wood

Why should you choose wood?

Wood is one of the best materials to make windows and doors from. Here’s why.

Energy efficiency

Wooden windows and doors are highly energy efficient. Between the quality of our double glazing and the wood we use, our products have a 1.6 U-value. This means that your home will actually gain heat.

Choosing our wooden products for your property could make your life easier, more comfortable and save you money long-term.

Long lasting and low maintenance

Timber is actually one of the most durable and long-lasting materials available for windows and doors and requires far less maintenance than it is generally perceived to, so using timber for your windows and doors could make your life easier and save you money long-term. Here are just a few of the benefits of having original wooden windows installed in your property:

  • Designed to match the style of your property
  • Proven to withstand adverse weather conditions long-term
  • Does not distort through changes in temperature
  • Easy to maintain
  • Damaged sections can be repaired rather than replaced

Renewable materials

Timber is our only renewable building material. The production of other popular building materials, such as uPVC (the most common material used in modern window frames), aluminium or steel, not only involves the use of finite materials, but the processing of such materials also uses up vast quantities of fossil fuels, thus producing environment-harming carbon dioxide.

In contrast, timber harvesting has very few environmental costs and doesn’t use up fossil fuels. In fact, since many more trees are planted for harvesting than are used each year, choosing timber as your building material actually helps to reduce the Greenhouse Effect.

Did you know?

The net annual increase in the amount of standing timber in Sweden and Finland is 3 million hectares. One third of the United States is now Forest; they are growing twice as much hardwood as is being used!

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A carpenter planing some wood